The virtual drive-thru experience you have been waiting for.

A new smart way to order things. Get your order without leaving your car. V-Thru is easier, faster and safer

ابق بالسيارة وحافظ على سلامتك

Stay in the car, stay safe

Order and collect without the need to leave your car. V-Thru is the safest way to order from your favorite store.

سيارات اقل وبيئة افضل

More effecient and better for our environment

Utilize your driving trips and depend less on delivery services. Less delivery means less cars. And less cars is better for our environment.

وفر وساعد متاجرك المفضلة

Save money and save your favorite brands

Delivery platforms charges you a high delivery fee plus they charge businesses up to 25%.

These high fees will either cause prices to go up or your store to go out of business.

V-Thru saves you money and helps your favorite brand suistain their business

A smooth drive-thru experience


Order from your favorite restaurant, supermarket or store. Order ahead to get your order just in time.


Get the directions and when your order will be ready. The store will also know how far you are to make sure your order is ready when you get there.


The store will automatically get notified that you arrived. Get to see how many cars ahead and when your order will be ready. Someone will deliver the order to your car. Stay in the car, stay safe.